When you buy from, you’ll receive an email on your PayPal address with your software key and a link to download the bot setup. Download and install the software using your personal key. Simply follow on-screen instructions and you’ll be good to go.

If you face any errors in opening the bot, please read our FAQ section. If that doesn’t help, feel free to contact us.

Understanding the Bot
When you open the software you’ll see a window like this: Bot Settings
Below is a detailed description of all the bot settings.

Twitter Account and Password
Enter any twitter account and password here that you own. This account is used to grab tweets from the respective Nike accounts. API keys are generated automatically for you in the background.

Monitor Account
This is the account from where the bot will grab tweets. In most cases, you’ll want to enter nikestore here. You can also enter your own account here to test the bot functionalities.

You can also enter multiple monitor accounts separated by a comma. For example, you can do nikestore,nikelab.

Disable Twitter
If you check this button, the software will not monitor twitter at all. This is the only way to disable twitter monitoring. This option is especially useful when you have an early link. It’s recommended to disable twitter when you have early link because you don’t want to unnecessarily slow the bot down.

Size Type
This nike bot has three settings for the Size Type.

Men – The bot will only add men’s shoes in the cart and ignore all other shoe types.
GS – The bot will add only GS shoes in the cart and ignore all other types.
All – The bot will add both men and GS shoes in the cart.
Leave this option to men if you only want men’s shoes.

Select one of the nike sites. Currently, the bot support Nike US and Nike EU.

Enable Link Monitor Log
If you check this option, the bot will create a log item for every time it monitors a link. This option is in place to avoid clogging your log with a lot of unwanted and redundant messages.

When you enable monitor log, you’ll see messages in the log like: product is not live, 404 page not available, 410 page is gone.

All these messages are fine. However, look for 403 Forbidden errors as that means nike has banned you. This is usually a soft ban and you should be able to get back within a few minutes.

Enable Email Notification
If you uncheck this box, the bot will not send any email notifications even if you have the option selected in account settings (more on this later). This is useful when you’re testing the bot and don’t want to send unwanted messages.

Use Old ATC Method
Earlier, BnB has been using a different method for adding to cart than the current method. The new method is extremely fast and bypasses a lot of nike functions. For example, it does not need to even load the product page to get you the shoe.

If you put a non-live link in the early link section, with the new method – the bot will continuously try to add the product to cart. This is equivalent to clicking the add to cart button continuously.

On the other hand, with the old method – the bot continuously loads the page and simulates clicking the add to cart button only once the product is live. Needless to say, the new method gives you a great advantage.

However, there are some disadvantages of the new method:

If you’re using more than a few accounts or more than a few links, you can get blocked more quickly by nike than the old method.
The new method does not work with all links.
For this reason, you can check this box to make the bot use the old method instead. The old method is particularly useful for restock links where you want to monitor lots of links.

Link Booster
When BnB tries for ATC or loads the product page to check if its live, the bot needs to wait certain time between the requests or else nike can ban you (403 forbidden).

Using the Link Booster settings, you can tell Better Nike Bot the time of release of a certain link being monitored. Around the time you specify, our bot will decrease the amount of time it waits between requests. This means the bot will hit nike servers more often increasing your chances of securing the release.

In order to set link booster settings:

– Start the bot by clicking the start button.

– Click the link booster option.

– A new dialog box will appear showing you links that are currently being monitored.

– Set the date and time of the release against the right link in the list. eg. 11/13/2014 8:00 AM

The format of the date and time can be different on your computer. Just follow the format you see in the default date and time of the link.

You can only boost links that are already being monitored. For example, early links or product search links.

Notification Settings
Note: These settings are only available for ultimate users.

The notification settings allow you to customize all aspects of the notification emails and text messages sent by the bot. This is especially useful for atc service that want to hide the fact that Better Nike Bot was used to secure the pair of shoes.


Add/Edit Proxies
From wikipedia: In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.

Better Nike Bot allows you to use proxies to avoid the nike ban. Nike uses the ip address of your machine to track you. So if you put more than a few accounts (like 4 or more), the chances of you getting banned by nike are increased.

If you want to use more than a few accounts, or monitor more than a few early links – you can add proxies to the bot. A proxy would basically change your ip address so that you can avoid getting banned from nike. Please note that nike doesn’t actually “ban” you, they block you from accessing the website and you can usually wait some minutes for the block to be lifted.

A proxy server looks like this:



Some proxies require authentication. In that case, it’ll look like this:



The fact that your proxy requires authentication or not depends on your proxy provider. Your proxy provider will usually give you proxies in the above format.

You can add any number of proxies inside the software. The bot will automatically assign proxies to each nike account.

You can also check “Do not allot real ip to any account” to make sure that your actual ip is never used inside the bot.


You add 5 proxies. 10 Nike accounts. And leave the checkbox in account settings unchecked.

In the above scenario, the bot has access to 6 ip addresses (5 proxies and 1 real computer ip). The bot will automatically allot ip addresses to the 10 accounts and each account will continue to use the same ip address alloted to it so that it looks natural.

If you add 10 proxies and 10 accounts, and disable real ip in proxy settings – all your accounts will use a different ip address.

For requests unrelated to a nike account (like twitter monitoring, link monitoring), the bot will use a random ip from the list of available ip addresses everytime.

Important notes about proxies:

Proxies slow you down. When you use proxy server, every request has to go through one extra server which can slow things down albeit by only a few miliseconds.
Only use proxies if you have to. For example if you want to use more than a few accounts on a single computer.
Using proxies is an easy way to avoid getting blocked by nike.
If you get an error when using proxy. Please contact your proxy provider. We cannot help you in this regard.
Please do your own research for suitable proxy providers. We will not recommend any proxy provider so please do not ask.

Account Settings
You can add an account by clicking the Add button in the accounts group. When you click add, you’ll see this window:

Email Address and Password
This is pretty straightforward. Enter your email address and password here.

Enter your size here. You can enter multiple sizes seperated by comma.

So if you want GS 4Y and Men’s 10.5 you enter 10.5,4

If you want to add multiple quantities, do 10,10

There are two types of keywords that you can enter.

Tweet Keywords: These are the keywords that will be matched against the tweet. You can enter multiple keywords separated by comma.

Collection Keywords: These keywords will match shoes on a collection page. So only shoes containing these keywords will be added to your cart.


Tweet keywords – jordan,kobe

Collection Keywords – (blank)

The bot will look for tweets containing either jordan or kobe in the tweet text. If the tweeted link is a collection, it’ll add all shoes in the collection.

Tweet keywords – (blank)

Collection Keywords – jordan

The bot will scan all tweets. And only add jordan shoes if the link is a collection link. This is useful for restock tweets when you don’t want to add 20 shoes.

Tweet keywords – collection

Collection keywords – super fly

The bot will only look for tweets containing “collection” in the text, so it’ll ignore all individual product tweets. And it’ll add only shoe containing “super fly” in the name.

Tweet keywords – (blank)

Collection Keywords – (blank)

The bot will add everything nike tweets. We run our bots 24×7 at this setting to cop any unannounced release.

Early Links
If you have access to early links, you can enter them here. You can enter multiple early links separated by comma. You can even add live links here to add them instantly. @njsneaks regularly tweets early links so watch out for them.

Product Codes
You can enter product style codes and the bot will monitor them. Please note that this method is not reliable because for TLO releases, the style search page never goes live.

Notification Email
Email address where you want notifications sent. Please note that if you keep this blank and you have checked Send Email Notifications then the notifications will be sent to the login email automatically.

Text Notification
Choose your carrier and enter your 10 digit number where you want notifications sent.

Send Email Notifications
Notifications – email and text, will only work if this option is checked. Please note that text notifications are basically emails sent to your carrier who forwards it to your mobile. So this option has to be checked for text notifications too.

Bot Features
Different features of the bot are explained below.

Reset All Settings
You can click this option to clear all settings of the bot. This is useful when you think you have messed some setting up. You must restart your bot after clearing the settings.

Check Cart
You can right click any account and select check cart. A dialog box will appear with details of your cart items.

Clear Cart
You can clear your nike cart by right clicking on any account and selecting this option. It’s useful when you have added a lot of random shoes in the cart. Or when you’re testing the bot.

Open In Browser
Right clicking any account and selecting Open In Browser opens up a webbrowser window with the nike cart page of the specific account.

Paste Accounts
You can use this option to quickly add multiple accounts to your bot. In order to use this feature you need Microsoft Excel. Open Office is a free alternative to MS Excel.

Please download this account format. You can copy data from the accounts excel file and paste it into the bot by clicking the paste accounts button.

Try pasting the demo data to see how it behaves. Using excel is useful because you have a record of the accounts in an external file. We generally have an additional column in there called “Server” where we specify what server the account is being entered on (we run multiple bots on different servers). This helps us keep records nice and clean.

View Added Products
You can click this button to see what products were added to which accounts using the Better Nike Bot. This is useful when you’re using multiple accounts and the log becomes complicated to even look at.

This list resets everytime you restart the bot.

Pro Tips
Below are some tips that we think you’ll find useful.

Always Test
We recommend that you test your bot settings before every important release. It’s easy to miss an important option. For example, once we were running for GS shoes but the size select option was set on Men. Needless to say we secured none. So it’s wise to always double check your settings.

Early Link > Tweeted Links
When we have early links, we disable twitter completely and only use early links.

However, please make sure you get your links from a reliable source.

Countdown Links
When nike tweets countdown links, here’s what we do:

– We check our early links are correct.

– If we didn’t have an early link before hand, we stop the bot. Add the early link. Disable twitter monitoring and start the bot again.

As I said Early Link > Tweeted Links.

Beating the 403 Forbidden
When you encounter 403 forbidden in monitoring links, here’s what you do:

– You can generally just wait for the nike ban to be over. This can take a few minutes to hour.

– Otherwise, you restart the bot.

– Change your early link to a live product.

– Add it, clear cart, and add the correct early link again.

It doesn’t work everytime.

If the above procedure sounds too much for you please try reading it again. Else don’t worry, it’s not for you 🙂

Don’t Stop!
I mentioned this earlier in the Keywords part. We have some of our bots running 24×7 with no keywords to add any unannounced release.