When you purchase the Scanner, you’ll receive an email with a download link and a license key.

– Follow the simple set-up wizard and enter your key.

– This key can be used on one computer only.

– Please wait a little for the scanner to boot up, and you’ll see all the latest proxies.

If you face any errors in opening the Scanner, make sure you have the correct .NET framework installed. You can download it here. If that doesn’t help, feel free to contact us.

Understanding the Scanner

When you re-open the activated software, wait a few minutes (up to 10 min-varies based on internet speed) for the proxies to filter, and you’ll see a window like this:


This button will refresh the proxy list, and get rid of any proxies that are no longer working. If available, new proxies will be added to the list. We recommend refreshing the proxy list 10-15 minutes before the release.


This button will save a list of proxies to a .txt document labeled ‘export’. You may specify how many proxies you wish to export in the adjacent box.

This feature is very useful when adding proxies to your bot. Simply export as many proxies as you need, then copy them from the newly created .txt file. Next, paste them into the bot. It will already be in the correct format that the bot uses.

if the export feature is not working for you, simply highlight the proxies you wish to use directly in the bot, and copy/paste them into BNB.


Please use, but do not abuse this software (ex: using all proxies on the list).

Make sure you put in all your proxies at once. I strongly recommend putting in around 2x the amount of proxies you need. For example, if you’re running 5 accounts, put in 10 proxies. This way, if 2 or so don’t work, you will still have enough. This also helps if Nike happens to ban a proxy mid-release. You will still have working proxies remaining!

Scan and import as close to the start time as possible. For example, start the scanner 20 minutes before the release time. Then after the scanner is done, put those proxies in the bot immediately. Finally, click ‘Start’ on the bot. Don’t let your proxies go stale!

Lastly, if one/some account(s) happens not to log in/give a 401, 403, 404, or 503 error, either:

-Check off ‘skip failed logins’ box and let it run for a minute or two (best and easiest method by far)

– Delete that one account (alternate method).

– Find the non-working proxy and delete it (can be done going to ‘Add/edit Proxies’, and clicking ‘Ok’ again to re-check them).

– Add more proxies (in addition to the ones already in the bot-doesn’t always work).

Enjoy your Proxies!

*The scanner is always being updated, and thus it in is ‘beta’. If you find a bug, please alert me of it here.