Stop paying a fortune for proxies every month! No longer will you have to scavenge the web for proxies that work with Nike and your bot.

  • The Proxy Scanner will compile a large list of super fast proxies from many different sites.
  • It will then filter through these proxies to provide you with ones that work on Thus, these will work with any Nike bot that requires the use of proxies.
  • We have created a quick ‘export’ function, so you can easily import some proxies into your bot.
  • This list is updated daily, so you will always have fresh, working proxies for each release!

*We do not guarantee that the proxies scanned are lifetime, nor that Nike won’t ban them pre-release. For best results, refresh the scanner right before the release. Please note, one purchase grants you access to the scanner on one computer. The scanner is not geared to those who wish to run an ATC service and use 50+ proxies.*